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planting seeds 2015

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<p>Tina, Katherine and Anna get&nbsp;started with spring planting</p>

Tina, Katherine and Anna get started with spring planting

<p>Charlie Bell</p>

Charlie Bell

<p>Bob Y assists Bunny</p>

Bob Y assists Bunny

<p>Phyllis focuses on getting her seeds planted</p>

Phyllis focuses on getting her seeds planted

<p>Eunice contributes to the effort</p>

Eunice contributes to the effort

<p>Bob D and Duane</p>

Bob D and Duane

<p>Bev assists with spring planting</p>

Bev assists with spring planting

<p>Rosemarie, Tina, and Belinda</p>

Rosemarie, Tina, and Belinda

<p>Ellen plants her seeds</p>

Ellen plants her seeds

<p>Helen puts her seeds under the light</p>

Helen puts her seeds under the light

<p>Belinda waters the seeds</p>

Belinda waters the seeds

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