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Blank Park Zoo visit May 2016

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<p>Eunice says hello to the toad</p>

Eunice says hello to the toad

<p>Joyce, Dona and Mable meet the toad</p>

Joyce, Dona and Mable meet the toad

<p>Royce&nbsp;looks at the toad</p>

Royce looks at the toad

<p>Zoo representative introduces the owl</p>

Zoo representative introduces the owl

<p>Orin, Tom and Bob meet the owl</p>

Orin, Tom and Bob meet the owl

<p>Belinda greets the ferret</p>

Belinda greets the ferret

<p>Dona and the ferret</p>

Dona and the ferret

<p>Phyllis pets the ferret</p>

Phyllis pets the ferret

<p>Zoo representative introduces the alligator</p>

Zoo representative introduces the alligator

<p>Bev and Cheryl meet the alligator</p>

Bev and Cheryl meet the alligator

<p>Karen pets the alligator</p>

Karen pets the alligator

<p>Bob enjoys meeting the alligator</p>

Bob enjoys meeting the alligator

<p>Katherine and the alligator</p>

Katherine and the alligator

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